Marketing: Going to a Boutique Day 2


After visiting my school today, one of the girls I knew was interested in doing make-up for free. She knows a few of the salons up there and will talk to them about allowing us to set up shop!

2. Offering my services for free will allow people to feel as if they aren’t locked in! If they don’t like the way they style works, they don’t need to come see me. Its trial and error.

3. My Service: Curling/styling I will need: Curling irons, flat iron, products, pin clips, bobby pins

4. How will people remember me?! – I’m thinking ribbon bows. Sparkly and fun!

5. Advertising: FB, Twitter, Instagram, coffee shops:  Have a photo shoot before hand so I can make up little posters with the hairstyles on them.

Next we NEED a model to help us advertise :)

Marketing: Going to a Boutique Day 1

Today I came up with this crazy idea…. To go into a boutique and style hair during one of the busiest nights in Saratoga! Here is the plan:

1. Find a make-up artist that is willing to offer their services

2. Offer my service for free

3. My Service:  Curling/ Styling hair

4. How will people remember me? A free gift – A hair piece possibly

5. Advertising? FB, Twitter, Instagram, in the coffee shops

These are the foundation of my idea!